Another Day Indoors


It’s spring, and, yet, it’s not.

Yesterday, it rained much of the day. Then, the rain turned to snow. It was a beautiful, unreal snowfall, with flakes so large and light. I suppose if I have to have snow, at least let it fall in the most charming way.

Today’s temperatures climbed above freezing, but only just barely. And I was not in the mood to run outside to be slightly less cold than I have been. I’m ready to open my front door and be greeted by warm air.

In an effort to keep the 4-year-old entertained, I set out some tempera paints. She began painting with brushes. She ended painting with her hand. At one point I looked over at her to find her covering her hand in paint. She wasn’t sure if I’d be okay with the mess, so she gave me the cutest, “I’m just trying to have fun, Mom” look. At that point, I could only give in, and grab the camera…


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